I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t actually believe that most music put out within the last year is awful claptrap. But if I did, I’d probably be OK, given how many vinyl reissues labels are constantly churning out.

The big ones in Canada over the past week have been the Acorn and the Constantines. The former is part of Kelp Records 20th anniversary. They’re doing a double-LP release of The Pink Ghosts and the Blankets EP. Those CDs weren’t even sold with jewel cases when I bought them.

The Cons had already announced their reunion for the tenth anniversary of their landmark record, Shine a Light. Now, there’s a vinyl reissue coming from You’ve Changed Records. It’s nothing crazy; they’re promising a remastered version, gatefold packaging, and a seven-inch of b-sides from the period. But if you don’t already own this one, it’ll be a nice piece of Canadian music to have around. Plus, you’ll have something to toss into the streets and burn should their reunion plans not take them through Regina.