FacebookLogoMany of the artists performing at the Regina Folk Festival this year have their fair share of history behind them, including plenty of records to dive into before RFF weekend. A few, though, have records still to come before we get there.

A couple have dropped recently. H’Sao put out Oria earlier this year, and Hayden is just now touring across Canada in support of his new album, Us Alone.

Charles Bradley’s follow-up to 2011’s No Time for Dreaming is coming out April 2. That he’s releasing Victim of Love this quick after the last is a good sign; I really want Bradley to make up for lost time. He’d spent most of his life in odd jobs all around the U.S, only getting the opportunity to record now that he’s in his 60s thanks to Daptone Records. Im thankfully for that. His everything-on-the-line soul is amazing, and promises an even better live performance.

2013 also sees a new album from Matthew Goud, a former Saskatchewan boy gone further west. He’s releasing the second album under his folk monoquer Northcote, a self-titled effort due May 7. He recorded it with producer Colin Stewart, who’s done great work for Yukon Blonde, Ladyhawk and Dan Mangan of late, so that in itself is a really good sign for Goud’s new one.