New Look For Leader-Post

The Leader-Post has a new look, and I’m a fan.

The new design isn’t revolutionary, as you can see, but it’s a great improvement on the old one, which was in dire need of updating.

Along with the changes you can notice at first glance, the LP is including QR codes throughout the paper, and are starting a Community Editorial Board, which Editor in Chief Rob McLaughlin says in today’s issue will “help represent a broader range of diverse opinions”. It’ll be exciting to see what form that takes.

Now, when does their website get the same treatment?

So, what do Dog Blog readers think of the layout? Any people with actual graphic design vocabularies want to weigh in?

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

12 thoughts on “New Look For Leader-Post”

  1. I’ll have to look at an actual print edition and not just this photo here, but right off the bat I can say they fucked up the logotype and the section headings. You can’t track a line that tightly if you’re using all caps; it looks awkward. There oughta be more white space on the page as well.

    It’s boring, but at least it looks less rinky-dink. Nice to see them stepping up their game, I guess?

  2. In Winnipeg, I booger the Globe and Mail has a narrower paper, it looked less like a real paper, and more like The Sun.

  3. I agree, the updated design is appealing.I am looking forward to the Community Editorial Board. I am also hoping that the updated look carries over to the website.

  4. That is one strange auto-correct, Saskboy. Have to say the original sentence sure grabbed my attention.

    The L-P’s new design is a huge improvement. Looks like a grown-up paper now. I think the old design badly undermined the writing. Thanks for posting this, James.

  5. So, they are trying to look like a serious newspaper. That’s nice. Are they going to start acting like one soon too?

  6. I wish I could download Saskboy’s autocorrect for my laptop. City hall coverage would be way more interesting if it included more boogers.

  7. I’ll just edit them in. Writers love it when I do stuff like that.

  8. I care more about the content than the design. That is what needs the work. Lipstick on a lump.

  9. There is good content in the Leader-Post, though (like every paper) they need more of it. I think the best stuff will be more noticeable when there aren’t, say for instance bumblebee cartoon promos for Swarm Jam in the middle of news stories.

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