Vancouver’s Ladyhawk aren’t the most prolific band in the world. Their last record, Shots, dropped in 2008, and since then it’s okay screw it the point is there’s a brand new Ladyhawk track (via the Killbeat Music SoundCloud page) and it’s gonna make you flip tables.

Seriously, for fans who’ve been waiting ages for new output from Duffy and co., this is straight-up money. It’s as scuzzy-sounding as the rest of their home recordings, but it’s as hooky as their greatest, grabbiest tracks. That chorus makes me want to punch someone in the back of the head (in a friendly, exuberant way) It’s logged about fifty hundred plays in my iThing already.

Rumour has it they’ll be dropping a full-length in the fall—not via longtime partner Jagjaguwar, but rather through Duffy’s Triple Crown Audio imprint. I’ll be waiting with bated wanting-to-flip-stuff.