New Issue Wow!

Meet Stacey Hahn, hair stylist at Indira Salon and day spa. The former Ghost of Modern Man band hero is holding up the brand new, ink-still-wet issue of prairie dog, Regina’s independent paper. He can’t wait to read it because it’s just full of great stuff. For example:

THE ASTROLOGY OF REGINA! All the controversy around changed Zodiac signs and new Zodiac signs reminded me prairie dog has never, EVER run an article about what the hell this city needs to know, about itself astrologically. Well, LETS JUST CORRECT THIS OVERSIGHT RIGHT NOW. John Delaney’s excellent article is full of interesting facts, such as 1.) Regina has two birthdays and therefore two charts and also 2.) because of Gemini in Pluto, we have problems with THIEVES.

THE WELFARE RIGHTS CENTRE NEEDS TO LIVE! Stephen LaRose visits a luncheon rally for the soon-to-shut-down Welfare Rights Centre and gets an earful from supporters who say the organization does needed work and there’s no way the Provincial government should’ve ended its contract with the centre. a sad and important tale that’s worth your valuable time.

LANNY McDONALD! Lanny McDonald! The guy with the greatest moustache in hockey history! Interviewed! Get out! But it’s true! A must-read and reminder that prairie dog might be packed with nerds, but a lot of these nerds are big hockey nerds. This article’s another classic from the Stephen LaRose hit factory.

The new issue’s out and about at, whatever, 400 locations city-wide. It’s free! It’s great! And it makes Regina a livelier, more informed and generally funner place (yes I KNOW “funner” is not a word but this is important!).

Don’t miss out! Stacey would be¬†disappointed!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

One thought on “New Issue Wow!”

  1. So what happened to that band? Wikipedia has a really strange post, in which a new drummer is charged with the following: “…the intensity of Ghosts of Modern Man took a nose dive. Schooled in punk rock, Helgason added a powerful base upon which the songs of Ghosts of Modern Man found inspiration but sent the group into a death spiral from which they never recovered.” Um, is that an objective account or is someone sucking sour grapes?

    As for their website, it’s literally all in Chinese:

    I’ve never known anything about this band, tho I did see the singer eating a bag of fish and chips at Regina Beach once. Are they done?

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