John’s got a column in Thursday’s prairie dog and my friends, I have to say Saskatchewan’s most scathing sociologist is in fine form. Here’s a preview:

In our system, money determines who is able to wage an effective campaign. Those with big bucks can make a big political bang to win votes. The Tories wallow in money. They had so much they have embarked on a new and terrible weapon… the never-ending campaign, spending millions between elections on attack ads against their opponents and puffery for their leader. No party can match this scale of spending, especially since the business lobby has effectively abandoned the Liberals for the Tories. To ensure Harper keeps this edge, he will be cutting the public per vote subsidy to all parties, the meagre effort at campaign spending reform introduced by Chretien. Next time those parties without big money behind them will be even worse off than now. Is this democracy? Or do we have the best “democracy” money can buy?

It’s a good, long, biting column. Look for it Thursday at street boxes and Internet stands everywhere!