Hey hey, lookie lookie! The new issue of prairie dog is starting to materialize all over Regina, bringing warmth to a savagely cold and snowy (but vewwy pwetty!) world! And I’ve got to say, for a last-minute, phone-it-in-before-Christmas edition it’s pretty fiiine! Allow me to recommend some of our more delectable morsels:

MAXIMUM RESOLVE This one’s the emperor-king of pull-it-out-of-our butts feature but you know what? It came out pretty darn good,  considering we’d collectively lost all interest in working about a week before Christmas. Greg Beatty, Carle Steel, Amber Goodwyn, Aidan Morgan and yours truly contributed a bunch of resolutions that, in a more civilized world, would be forcefully imposed on everyone. Designer Awesome Klassen’s Resolve Baby graphic is a nice touch, too. And I can pretty much guarantee that we’re the only major publication in Saskatchewan to demand that the prime minister and his caucus “eat all the dicks” — the kind of bold, like-it-is telling that makes our little mag an essential read.

GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, LAME SCAPEGOATS DO Print Only! Greg Beatty’s news section Top 6 breaks down the excuses U.S. gun fetishists use to argue for the continued legalization of concealed handguns and military-grade weaponry. Grudging disclaimer to ward off nonsense in the comments on this post: virtually no one is arguing for an outright ban on all guns so don’t get your gitch in a bunch.

APOCALYPSE NOT So it turns out that the world didn’t end. Paul Dechene writes on what’s (not) up with that.

DJANGO UNCHAINED, REVIEWED Okay, I haven’t seen it yet but really, Jorge? Three out of five dogs and you take shots at Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds — two terrific flicks — in the process? Everything else I’ve read says Django Unchained is bloody and violent, incredibly politically incorrect and a hell of a lot of fun. It’s times like this that I must point out that you once gave Peter Jackson’s meandering, overblown King Kong remake a five-dog review. It’s okay, Jorge, you’re still my pal. But cheee!

THE URBAN CRYPTOZOOLOGIST Print Only! Howie Mackerel is back with another Bonus Column and this time he claims to have photographed one of Santa’s reindeer. And it turns out those things aren’t the adorable Rudolphs we all thought they were.

PLUS! We’ve got stories on undocumented lobbyists, Conservative anti-union malarkey, stylin’ ways to deal with ACL tears, the “Year In Beer”, some catch-up CD reviews, a somewhat melancholy comic by Dakota and lots more! Read it online and pick up a copy too!