The new prairie dog is arriving at street boxes and stands all over Regina RIGHT NOW. It’s real exciting that the city has an indie paper like prairie dog, hey? While other towns are losing their alts — Montreal lost the Mirror in June and Ottawa lost the Express earlier this year — Regina’s prairie dog keeps on trucking, calling it like we see it and generally striving to be smart, entertaining and snotty.

Some highlights of the new issue:

KRESNYAK IN AFRICA Our man Dan went to Ghana as a human rights journalist and did and saw a lot of stuff. He could easily write a bookon it, but for now, here’s a 3,000 word feature.

BUY THE LAND City Hall is making the right call by getting into the Regina Monopoly game, says Paul Dechene.

THE LABOUR DAY REPORT A couple of good features. I really like John Cameron’s poignant reminder to union-haters that the higher waged of union workers are good for the Saskatchewan economy.

WHITWORTH VS. THE DUNLOP I wrote an editorial accusing an art gallery I really love of pulling two ads in prairie dog and running them in, ugh, Verb because they didn’t like a story we printed. Whoa, that’s a pretty serious charge. ┬áMaybe I’m right. Maybe I’m wrong. (I bet ace commentator Barb Saylor thinks I’m wrong!) I’m sticking to my guns on this. I think we’re the victims of some ill-considered malarkey.

STUFF YOU CAN’T READ ONLINE! Top 6 columns, Dakota McFadzean’s comic, Barking Dogs (special bat edition!) and a great Bonus Column by Greg. It’s good stuff! Pick up a paper and have a nice, fun read this weekend, people! I’ll be back on the blog tomorrow.