The new issue is out and you should grab a copy. Why? You ask “why”? Because everyone loves prairie dog! And by “everyone” I mean the supercool folk-women of the Regina Folk Festival (pictured), who read and re-read our cute and crazy little independent newspaper all day long, every day.

(I took that photo yesterday, but I guarantee you’ll find them sittting on their back couch like that whenever you visit their office. Ladies, please! Put our incredibly funny, informative and unique newspaper down for a minute! You have a festival next weekend! You shouldn’t be relaxing and reading, you should be shaking in terror at the amount of stuff you still have to do! And think of all the things that could still go wrong! YOU’RE FREAKING ME OUT!)

So grab a copy. Especially if you’re leaving town today — it’s a good read at the beach or the cabin or even in a park or whatevs.

After the jump, details on some of the stuff that makes the new PD so very very very very very very worth your while.

REGINA FOLK FESTIVAL GUIDE & PREVIEW! Every single (FREE!) issue copy of the July 28 prairie dog ships with an (ALSO FREE!!!) Official 2011 Regina Folk Festival program guide. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY USEFUL ITEM! If you have tickets to the Regina Folk Festival, it’s useful because it goes into an insane amount of detail on all the stuff that’s happening every night. And if you don’t have tickets, it’s useful because the Regina Folk Festival has first-rate free programming and the guide goes into an insane amount of detail on all the no-cost Saturday and Sunday stuff! Besides the guide, the issue has interviews with Festival artists including Dan Mangan, Shakura, Hawksley Workman, Andrew Bird, Regina’s Library Voices and Fred Penner! That’s right, I said Fred Effin’ Penner (and his interview is the best!) This is all some good readin’!

Here’s another picture of the RFF  staff!

NEWS OF THE PLAZA Greg Beatty and Paul Dechene team up to report on the progress of Regina’s downtown Centre Square project. The one that’s running about eight months behind schedule. You know the one.

OPINIONATED POLITICAL OPINIONS! John Conway breaks down Stephen Harper’s obligations to the Canadians who got him elected: i.e., the country’s elite business class. Also, Gwynne Dyer writes about the horrific act of domestic terrorism that left close to 100 Norwegians dead.

REVIEWS OF STREET FOOD! Aidan Morgan is the Restaurantenator! And this issue he’s reviewing two hot dog carts, one ice cream stand and an al fresco Mexican take-out place named after a bug.

REVIEWS OF SKYSCRAPERS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Aidan Morgan is the Skyscrapenator! And this issue he’s reviewing a rapidly-rising downtown landmark. IT’S REALLY FUNNY AND YOU SHOULD READ IT!

The new prairie dog, available at somewhere in the ballpark of 400 Regina locations. Pick up your free copy and prepare to be dazzled and larf!