The new prairie dog is out and it looks GREAT! The cover art is part two of our three-part election cover series–our model, Katie, is holding both last issue and this issue so you can behold the coolness.

Here’s some of the highlights of this epic, 40-page masterpiece.

BEST OF FOOD! The Best Of Food results are here! Our readers voted for their favourite Regina restaurants, servers, menu items and all kinds of stuff like that. A lot of really great picks and a few completely insane choices as always. Pick it up, look it over and see what you think! And don’t get mad at me if you don’t agree with something because these are all reader-chosen places. Best Of Food: it’s crazy like democracy!

ELECTION TRILOGY! Part two of our three-part feature on the spring election. We’ve got the second part of our State Of The Nation feature (you can read the first part here), we’ve got my somewhat snivelly editorial, we’ve got Paul Dechene’s savage accusations that Saskatchewan Conservative voters are betraying our province and we’ve got…a piece on the astrology of Stephen Harper? Why yes we do.

OTHER STUFF! Film reviews, recycling lameness, an interview with Shad, columns by David Suzuki and Gwynne Dyer, News Quirks and a bonus column art contest! What fun!