2015-02-19The new physical, dead tree Prairie Dog is on its way out into the city, and the online paper is up and ready for your inspection. Here are a few things worth looking at in the latest edition.

AFTER THE ACCIDENT Regina’s arts community lost several very important people in a car accident this month. Carle Steel and friends remember the much-loved victims.

A SNOOP TOO FAR Greg “Gregory” Beatty interviews critics of the Harper government’s new secret police bill. A good read.

CONWAY AND DIAMANTOPOULOS On the opinion pages, John kicks the living shit out of Stephen Harper’s ridiculous and ugly new monument while our old friend Mitch laments what the rising tide of religious extremism is doing to freedom of the press. Gwynne Dyer and David Suzuki have columns too. Opinionpalooza this week!

LITTLE POD, BIG FLAVOUR Join Jason Foster on an odyssey to discover beers’ bitter best weapon: hops. I love the delicious I.P.A.s and you should too.

MATERIAL GIRLS Gregory “Greg” Beatty reviews the Dunlop Art Gallery’s latest all-women show even though he’s a dirty, stinkin’ white male who just reeks of privilege. What an asshole.

BEST OF FOOD AND DRINK 2015 Hey, lookie! Nominations are open!

There’s lots more too.  Pick up the new Prairie Dog wherever better free magazines are available.