New Dog!

New Dog (august 22)Hey! I forgot to tell all you lovely readerlings that there’s a new issue out. Well, you probably figured it out already. But if not you should definitely make sure to pick the new Prairie Dog up–there’s SO much good stuff in it! Let’s take a virtual tour…

THE LABOUR DAY REPORT Most of the feature is about the scourge of union-bashing. Yup, thanks to years of well-funded anti-union propaganda, organized labour is often seen as public enemy number one. What’s up with that? Paul Dechene and Lisa Johnson get into it. There’s also an update on Saskatchewan’s anti-labour legislation by the esteemed Greg “Gregory” Beatty.

NO END IN SIGHT Foreign students Victoria Ordu and Favour Amadi worked a few shifts at Walmart in unintentional violation of their visas and as a result they were ordered deported by a hang-’em high immigration officer. Phooey to that. Unfortunately, the two have been in sanctuary for more than 400 days. Vanda Schmockel updates their sitch.

RACIST IMMIGRANTS Gwynne Dyer makes fun of Australia, and it is hilarious.

HERE THERE BE DRAGONS Prairie Dog finally gets around to writing something about that wicked-cool show at the Science Centre. Take it away, Beatty!

NEW STADIUMS WON’T SAVE THEM The Blue Bombers just got a new facility, but oh nooo! They still suck! Rosie ponders what this means for the Riders.

THE END OF THE WORLD, AND HE FEELS FINE Jorge Castillo reviews the new movie from the Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz team.

AND MORE, MORE, MORE! Top 6 columns, letters to the editor, News Quirks, Dakota’s excellent comic Chilblains, Bonus Column, Queen City Confidential, My Music, Science Matters, CD reviews and more! Hooray for the new Prairie Dog! Pick it up wherever awesome free newspapers are distributed.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

One thought on “New Dog!”

  1. Yep, the Labour Day long weekend is coming.
    Along with the same yearly debates of unions, their history, reminders of their contributions to society and workers and the same usual attempts to make themselves look relevant in an ever changing world to which they are having troubles adapting to, etc.

    I don’t entirely agree with the “thanks to years of well-funded anti-union propaganda.”
    Unions added to their image problems. They are just as responsible for partaking into things that lead to their decline.

    I’ll use Mercury Graphics as an example. They used to be a ticket printing plant in Saskatoon for many years. I worked there for a short time in the late 90’s when I was taking classes and found a job related to my diploma. The employees there became unionized shortly after I left.

    Nearly 10 years later, the employees voted to strike. The company lost business & clients because of the strike and guess what happened!

    Now please tell me how having a union is so very benefitial when it can lead to places being closed down and the workers lose their jobs permanently.

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