Attentive readers of the dead-tree version of prairie dog (Regina’s Independent Voice!) might’ve noticed we added a bonus column to the paper a few months back. It’s called… wait for it! Bonus Column! It’s been a groin-stirring success, all right! Why, since we introduced Bonus Column, people constantly stop me on the street to say things like, “what’s that weird new column in prairie dog?” and “why is it different every issue?” and “is it supposed to be funny? I don’t get it” and “stop looking at my butt, you gross old perv!”

Well, if you’re going to give me THAT kind of positive reinforcement for one new column, I can only imagine what you’ll give me for TWO!

Let’s find out!

In the impending issue of prairie dog (roaring your way Thursday, Oct. 20!), we’re introducing a new column called Barking Dogs: Reader Comments From It’ll be just like it sounds: we’ll publish the cleverest and funniest reader comments on the dozens of blog posts we publish every week in the paper without anyone’s permission. It will be fun! It will be free content we don’t have to pay for!

Best of all, it will be a more stylish and better-organized version of something I already did in the issue that’s out right now, so if you’re curious you can have a look to get an idea where I’m going with this.

I’m excited! Are you excited? Are you so excited you’re wearing a helmet for safety?

I knew it! Don’t forget your elbow pads.

Barking Dogs: Reader Comments From, coming Oct. 22 in prairie dog: Regina media’s best inventors of innovation since 1993. Watch for it!