Hey all. Remember when music used to be etched on to discs and sold at locations called “music stores?” Those were the days.

Hold on, I’ve just been informed that CDs and music stores still exist. I should really leave the apartment more often. And so should you,* because Diaper Island, the new CD from Chad VanGaalen, is available for sale. I’ve already written a feature review on the album, but you won’t get to read it until May 19, when the next of prairie dog magazine lands/drops/hits/arises.

Check out the video for the first single, “Peace Is On The Rise.” VanGaalen’s animations feel like a Charles Burns story illustrated by Jim Woodring, which suits my sensibilities just fine.

The video contains a number of hidden objects. You can identify the objects and win a prize! Go ahead and enter the contest at www.diaper-island.com and you could win a copy of the CD and a T-shirt illustrated by VanGaalen himself! And that’s how we sell records these days.

*And speaking of segues …