Never Swin AlonePenned by Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor, this satire serves as a critique of so-called alpha males who compete for supremacy in the business world.

Frank and Bill (played by Kenn McLeod and Zachary Smadu) are the aforementioned males. As boys they were friends, but now they’re business rivals, and under the direction of an anonymous woman in a bathing suit (played by Jacqueline Burtney) they engage in an increasingly mean-spirited “battle” to demean and undermine each other to prove their supremacy.

I don’t know of the phrase “you’re a lying piece of shit” gets uttered at any point. But the satire certainly has relevance in our current political and economic climate where similar power dynamics exist. Although as the play progresses, the characters do evince a certain amount of longing for the more cordial relationship they enjoyed as boys.

Never Swim Alone is directed by Mark Claxton and is presented by Golden Apple Theatre. It runs at the Artesian on 13th from Nov. 3-14, with curtain at 8 p.m. each night. For more information visit the Artesian website.