Never Cry Wolf

“You never know when the devil might come calling.”
-Farley Mowat, Never Cry Wolf.

Who is to protect the environment from Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent?

The National Wildlife Federation released a paper today stating that “tar sands and oil and gas development in Canada is contributing to the decline in caribou herds. Rather than improve environmental practices to protect and restore caribou habitat, Canadian wildlife officials are poisoning wolves with strychnine-laced bait.”

Environment Minister Peter Kent said. “Culling is an accepted if regrettable scientific practice and means of controlling populations and attempting to balance what civilization has developed. I’ve got to admit, it troubles me that that’s what is necessary to protect this species…”

In fact, over 500 wolves have been killed in the last five years. The Government of Alberta has spent over a million dollars on the project which includes not only strychnine poisoning but also shooting them from the air.

Peter Kent’s logic is that a wolf cull is necessary in order to protect the remaining caribou. WTF?

And that is not even to mention the long-term harmful impact strychnine has on the rest of the environment. Studies have long proven that the poison eventually affects other ecosystems.

On January 25, CBC reported that Peter Kent declined an emergency caribou protection order. Why? There are plenty of them elsewhere in Canada.

Peter Kent is doing more to prevent the environment from impacting on tar sand development than the other way around. Where is the ethics? Who is the true radical here? Who are the real predators?

2 thoughts on “Never Cry Wolf”

  1. “Who is the true radical here? Who are the real predators?”

    He is, they are. Middle-aged Canada, the group that always considers itself the gatekeeper or whatever of keep-it-steady, silent majority reason, are fundamentally ignorant of what it takes to keep a rightwing radical state government accountable. More concerned with their ‘taking the white outta your knuckles’ neo-macho backlash against political correctness and what they rightly or wrongly see as the effeminization of their sons, they’ve been ignoring the radical ‘reforms’ and gestures of this deeply incompetent government till now. Maybe the OAS thing got their attention a little bit more. As for ‘impeding’ growth and the ‘development’ of the ‘ethical oil sands’, they won’t go there. It’s a potential future proving ground for their teenaged boys.

  2. I’m not up to speed on ethics or true radicals, but I’m pretty sure the third one is a professional hockey franchise in Nashville.

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