Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Hopefully you’ve got some Canada Day fireworks resonating in your head, keeping you in a festive mood for our neighbors to the south.

(F.Y.I., I saw Montreal’s fireworks this year, and Regina’s at least got them tied.)

iFanboy put together a kick-ass list of 10 comic book enemies of the U.S. If they missed anyone, I can’t think of them.

Shouldn’t be hard to guess who took the top spot: Captain America foe and committed Nazi the Red Skull.

As long as I’m recommending stuff, checking out a recently published collection of Captain America/Red Skull stories is really advised. It stretches back to the thirties, though the story that really caught my eye was one from the seventies where the Red Skull pretends to be a black revolutionary to incite racial violence in New York. It’s as crazy and uncomfortable as it sounds. How do you feel about the sentence “You sent a black man and a bird to stop me?” Well, that’s the Red Skull’s response to the arrival of then-Captain America sidekick Falcon.

The A.V. Club posted another politically-charged pop culture list today: “Heckling Hitler: 15-plus attempts to make the F├╝hrer funny.” Mr. Show, the greatest sketch show that ever was, even gets a mention!