A couple hours ago Hofmeister  and I went out to grab a coffee. On the way to the cafe, we bumped into a team from local TV, out on the Scarth St. mall filming streeters for tonight’s news.

Their  question for the public was something along the lines of “What do you think of celebrities who take up causes?”

As we chatted about this important topic — celebrities, not the causes they support — I undid my jacket. I was a little warm, probably because I was over-dressed for today’s above-zero temperatures. Which, by the way, are a tad above the average Jan. 17 high-11°C.

Ya know… it borders on journalistic malpractice that a lot of today’s media coverage on Neil Young’s Regina went out of its way to avoid the issues he’s actually raising money for and drawing attention to — namely, Treaty rights and fighting global warming-causing tarsands development. Look at page A6 in today’s Leader-Post, for instance. Mandryk chases a tangent about rhetoric, Gormley is, well, his usual pro-Conservative, global warming denying self and the political cartoon is total propaganda that looks it was commissioned by a pipeline company.

It’s a flat-out bullshit page that’ll live in infamy as glaring example of a daily paper totally blowing a story.

You’d think that some media outlet besides Prairie Dog would have noticed that on the same January afternoon that Young is in town talking about global warming, there are puddles on city streets and sidewalks.

But I guess that would be expecting too much.

Just checked the temp: as of 4:39 p.m., it’s plus-2°. Happy climate change!