Festival PHENOMENA 2012 √† MontrealThe title of this dance work translates as Blue Snow. It’s choreographed by Montreal artist Tony Chong, and will be performed by Chong and Carol Prieur at New Dance Horizons (2207 Harvey St.) on Sunday, July 6 at 6:30 p.m.

The performance (the photo above is from a 2012 show in Montreal) is inspired by the idea of the wicked witch as a metaphor for women who live their lives outside of societal norms. For centuries, that’s led to persecution, whether it’s related to the desire of Christian authorities to stamp out paganism as in the Middle Ages, or the broader issue of patriarchal power and the need to enforce certain behavioral standards on women.

In addition to the performance there will be a screening of the Rob King film Silk Cyclone¬†about a collaborative choreographic process undertaken by Robin Poitras, Margie Gillis and Susan McKenzie — all of whom have danced in long-flowing silk garments in different performances over the years.

Tickets range between $25 and $30 and more information on this event can be obtained by calling NDH at 306-525-5393.