NDP Blows 20 Points Lead in BC

Not many people saw this sign.
Not many people saw this sign.

With a truly appalling voter turnout (48 percent), British Columbians once again demanded the Liberal Party to form Provincial Government. A major coup, considering the NDP was twenty points ahead in the polls just a couple of weeks ago. Not only the BC Liberals won (51 candidates elected, against 32 NDPs, one independent and one Green), majority leader Christy Clark overcame massive discontent following the introduction (and quick disposal) of the Harmonizing Sales Tax.

The Liberal victory opens the door for the Northern Gateway Pipeline project, to which the NDP was staunchly opposed. If anybody knows of a nice, progressive province I could move to, let me know.

Author: Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Journalist, film critic, documentary filmmaker, and sometimes nice guy. Member of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle. Like horror flicks, long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners. Allergic to cats.

16 thoughts on “NDP Blows 20 Points Lead in BC”

  1. Perceived viscerally as a treehugging, bike-riding wimp, Dix could not hold his lead against the toxic, reputation-eviscerating she-devil Clarke. I’m sure for Clarke it was like smirking at the sensitive, Talking Heads fans at the roller rink back in 1981.

  2. When you misspell a word or name that is correctly spelled right in front of your eyes, there is no excuse.

  3. Tar and feathere him for adding an extra e. This is not a thesis paper, these are random comments on an internet post.

  4. I stand by my spelling of “Clarke”. Next tyme it’s going to be “Clarque” and then “Klarque” and then “Chellsee Qularque”

  5. If Dix had deliberately called her Chelsea Clarke even once, he probably would have won. Instead he ran the election like it was the B.C. Book Awards.

  6. Sure, now you come to the defense of people afflicted by free floating e’s. My real name is Carl.

  7. The problem with Manitoba is that there is Winnipeg, and then everyone else.

  8. Or is it “Carl Steele”? To me, “Clark” is a dead-ringer for a free-floating “e”. Sans “e” Clark looks like a good first name. Family-name Clarke should have an “e”. It gives it more, um, “gravitas”.

    As for BC, I’m sure there are worse provincial govts than the Clark(e) Liberals, she as a politician just seems so totally unscrupulous, unprincipled, and willing to do whatever it takes to win or get ahead, such as bedding Stephen Harper (not literally).

    Ultimately tho, it’s like, shit, even if you live under the Clark(e) Liberals, shit, man, you still live in B.C. so what’s to complain about? You’ll probably just be plagued by three dozen or so ethics scandals by 2015 but hey, shit, you live in B.C. Could be worse.

  9. Mindblowing indeed. NDP lose when they were projected to form the next gov’t. Liberals Win, but Leaderless? How is it possible that Liberals can win, yet their Premier Leader fails to win her seat? I don’t follow BC politics much, but having no NDP in power is probably for the best.

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