When it comes to U.S. College Football I’m definitely no expert. But I do keep an eye on the rankings as the season progresses, and generally see one or two of the bigger bowl games over the holidays. This season, something of a rarity is happening. Two teams from the same conference are meeting in the BCS Title game in New Orleans on Jan. 9.

The teams are the LSU Tigers (13-0) and Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1), and the conference is the SEC. And its further confirmation, as if any is needed, that the SEC is the elite conference in NCAA Division III football. It’s won five consecutive national championships, and now two of its teams are meeting in the title game.

Alabama’s only loss this year occurred against LSU 9-6 in OT at home in Tuscaloosa in early November. Oklahoma State finished a close third in the BCS ranking behind ‘Bama, but didn’t overtake them. So the game’s an all SEC affair. If you want to read more, here’s a link to an ESPN report.