Daily Aggregation: National Video Game Day

daily-aggregation-21. CITY DISCUSSES TAX INCREASE TO REPAIR ROADS Regina may see an additional one per cent tax increase to get Regina’s deteriorating roads. Council votes on September 22.

2. OSCAR PISTORIUS GETS CONVICTED FOR MANSLAUGHTER The South African man was declared not guilty on murder charges, and obviously, not everyone’s happy about it.

3. DELAYED CANADA AND CHINA INVESTMENT DEAL RATIFIED Despite the Harper government’s insistence on the deal, it’s faced opposition from some of Harper’s own cabinet, the NDP (being the opposition and all) and some First Nation groups. The official announcement comes this afternoon.

4. CANADIAN SEX WORKERS SPEAK OUT ON PROSTITUTION BILL “Why is our ability to consent suddenly revoked when there is money on the bedside table?” says Jean McDonald, director of Maggies, a support service based in Toronto for sex workers, to the Senate committee overlooking the bill. Good question!

5. IAN PAISLEY DEAD AT 88 Northern Ireland’s most polarizing politican passed away Friday.

6. JUSTICE FOR MALALA? The teenage, girl’s education rights activist might get some closure at last. Pakistan’s military claims they’ve arrested 10 Taliban militants responsible for shooting Malala Yousafzai.

7. MORE OIL Statistics Canada says crude oil production jumped from 2012 to 2013 by 6.2 per cent to 200.9 million cubic metres – this kicked crude oil’s value up by 12.6 per cent to $105.9 billion. That’d explain all of the bitumen cars I’ve seen on the rails lately.

8. CAFFEINE FUELED JOURNALISM Not surprisingly, a survey found journalists drink a ridiculous amount of coffee.

It’s National Video Game Day! So, to celebrate, here’s the opening from an amazing game about sky pirates:

Got a favourite game you’d like to share?

Author: Bryn Hadubiak

Bryn is a University of Regina Journalism student in his final year, moonlighting as a freelancer. He also writes fiction and poems, does photography and knows way too much about old video games.

2 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: National Video Game Day”

  1. #1: More taxes for road repairs is silly. How about getting road crews to work later than 4pm in the summertime? There’s 5 more hours of daylight wasted. Albert St between Hill and Parliament was down to one lane from June 1 to August 31 and every day I would drive down that one lane around 3-4 pm and see the pylons blocking off an empty fucking construction zone. Infuriating.

    Can I suggest more efficient workers and schedules instead of more money?

  2. 1) Saskatoon recently had tax funding increases for more winter snow removal and repairing more potholes & roads. No different for Regina neither.
    2) I agree with that manslaughter conviction.
    3) More trade….good thing?
    4) Oh brother!
    5) RIP!
    6) Good for them.
    7) Expect more oil on railways if people keep opposing pipelines.
    8) Many late nights for journalists. I always see makeup hiding the bags under Peter Mansbridge’s eyes.
    Skies of Arcadia Legends —- reminds me of space pirate Captain Harlok of the Arcadia!

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