National Gallery of Canada Handing Out Pink Slips


This just in (yesterday). According to a press release, the National Gallery of Canada is eliminating 29 positions due to a $2.5 million shortfall in its operating budget (translation: budget cuts). Among the staff to be let go are six librarians. Of course. Who needs librarians anymore, right? But fear not – seven new positions will be created to support the gallery’s “revenue generation and visitor engagement objectives.” It’s good to know your priorities.

Author: Wanda Schmöckel

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8 thoughts on “National Gallery of Canada Handing Out Pink Slips”

  1. Yes, what are they thinking — trying to get more people to come to see what the National Gallery of Canada has to offer — the worst.

  2. Yes, Jon. They’re doing everything right. And it’s not like archives and libraries in this country have taken a hit in recent years. I’m sure everything will turn out just fine.

  3. six librarians, of course.

    or . “Of course, who needs librarians anymore”. Right?

    WS has been “Saylored” by way of Ron. Barb must be on a hiatus.

  4. I respectfully request a response from the real deal, then.
    Barb? Do you take issue with my punctuation?

  5. There are several ways to approach the sentences in question, but offhand I don’t see anything wrong with the setup as written; putting “Of course” by itself gives emphasis. An exclamation point after “Of course” would have also been acceptable.

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