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  1. That’s the thing: if they get anything on you, you can just put them up on Used Regina. Evidence schmevidence.

  2. I love how this reads sort of like an ad for a sublet or term position, may as well say: “Temporary opportunity for catsitter, covering indefinite leave; may become permanent. (Probably will become permanent…becuz I’m not coming back, ever, and even if I do, I don’t want her/it/he/she back. You touched it last, it’s yours. Don’t call, don’t stop and talk at the Giant Tiger; you fell for it, don’t blame me. P.S. I’m not really leaving, my partner just hates cats and we’re moving in together in May. I really do love it – the cat – but we all gotta grow up sometime.)

  3. My family cats years ago hated being dressed up. Those claw scratch scars are a reminder from that time.

  4. Dressing a cat in silly doll clothing is animal abuse. Fortunately, cats tend to fight back. Go, cats!

  5. I met a Peruvian shaman last summer who showed me pictures of her people and the Amazon. One of the pictures was of a cat dressed up in a tuque and a sweater that had “Happy Birthday” written on it.

  6. Barb, it isn’t animal abuse at all when I was a little 8 year kid who didn’t know better at the time.
    If dressing up an animal is deemed abusive and as an actual crime, then why have places like SPCA and Humane Societies dressed up animals for fundraisers?
    My brother has a part Siamese/part tabby who wears a scarf and even the odd little cat booties. This cat just loves the attention and playfully attacks when he gets his booties put on. No hissing, no claws.

    My former landlady has a hankerchief tied on her golden lab and he doesn’t mind. Is that abuse? Hell no!

  7. He looks pretty happy – look at him in his blazer! This cat is just primed and ready to accompany some lucky little girl through life.

  8. @10: First of all, I said nothing about crime. Second, the subtext to this discussion is: why do folks dress up their cats? Is the cat a child surrogate, or does the owner really need to get out more? As to your former landlady’s dog, we’re discussing cats here, but OK: maybe the bandana is less irritating to the dog than a collar. I also wouldn’t give the hairy eyeball to anyone who puts a vest and booties on their short-haired pet for a walk in the winter, and I positively admire people who leash-train their cats from an early age.

    Little kids who don’t know any better can be excused, which is more than I can say for the organizations you mentioned, fundraiser or no fundraiser. I keep remembering a guest lecturer I heard when I was studying primates in university. He deplored the common practice of putting human clothing on chimpanzees (e.g. the Marquis Chimps, and other performing entities). “It degrades these animals,” he said. I agreed with him then and I agree now.

  9. I feel like I need to clarify that it was the Peruvian shaman’s little girls who dressed up the cat in the happy birthday getup. I remember thinking that all over the world, at any given time, little girls are dressing up their cats, even in the deepest Amazon.

    And not just little girls, either:

    We used to saddle up our cat Max, knowing that he’d fall over if he had so much as a feather on his back. My stepfather made an elaborate howdah out of one of my mother’s hats, and cut out people from the sunglasses page of the Consumers Distributing catalogue. We’d tie it around his back and he’d immediately fall over, and pull himself toward me with one paw as his people looked out of the side with their fancy glasses. He’d do it gamely, heaving and purring, all for love and one blade of grass. Hours of family fun!

    I don’t think anyone can speak for cats or their rituals and regalia.

  10. @13: Animal rights activists, of which I am not one, would claim every right to “speak for cats…” They also seem able to see suffering where you see fun. Do think of that, next time.

  11. Max had a blast, and I have the video to prove it. I don’t even put a collar on the cat I have now. I do, on her request, chase her down and pretend I’m going to kill her. (I call it rape fantasies for cats — to each her own).

  12. Regal Napoleon is in a good home meow, thank you to anyone that was willing to help out! =^.^=

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