Napalm Death

Formed in England in 1981, Napalm Death has been a fixture on the metal/grindcore scene for over three decades now. Yeah, they’ve gone through a few line-up changes in that time (more than a few, actually). But the current line-up (Shane Embury, Mark Greenway, Mitch Harris and Danny Herrera) has been around since 1990 or so.

Overall, Napalm Death has 15 albums to their credit. And if things went according to plan they should have just released a 16th album called Apex Predator — Easy Meat.

On Friday, Feb. 13 Napalm Death will headline a show at the Exchange as part of a North American tour. Sharing the bill on the annual Valentine’s Day Massacre are┬áVoivod, Exhumed and Iron Reagan. Tickets are $30, and to get everyone pumped here’s the video for “The Wolf I Feed” off of Napalm Death’s 2012 album Utilitarian:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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