UPDATE: Apparently the Winnipeg side’s lawyers have finished with the deal. That’s what TSN is saying. Here’s more or less same story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Poor Atlanta hockey fans. Rather see a team there than Phoenix.

Original post from 11:57 this morning:

Sounds like an announcement is imminent. From the Winnipeg Free Press:

The Forks has been told to be ready to hold a party for the announcement that Winnipeg is back in the NHL — on Tuesday at the earliest — and staff there are in full planning mode. Paul Jordan, chief operating officer at The Forks, said while the weather atmosphere may be dismal, the party atmosphere will be blissful. “The party will be anytime the announcement is made — all I can say is come to The Forks when the announcement is made,” Jordan said. “We will have bands, the stage will be going. It will be good talent.”

Also, Dan MacRae’s next Bonus Column (in Thursday’s paper) will be about Canada’s sixth NHL team. Here’s a sneak peek:

For Winnipeggers, the Jets leaving town wasn’t like the love of your life walking out on you; it was like she was kidnapped. Or to put it in Ramones speak: we’re Joey, the Jets are our baby and Gary Bettman is the KKK that took said baby away. Now it looks like the team — or at least a team — is coming back, and it fills my heart with a level of joy only known to astronauts and parents of astronauts.

You’ve noticed prairie dog’s new Bonus Column, right? A column written by different people that’s something different every issue? No? You haven’t noticed? You guys. I’m sad now. Look for it in the back of Thursday’s paper.

*Probably. Maybe. No promises.