I talked about this in the podcast I posted earlier today (Episode 13, Terror For Blood Town), but here’s a photo. That’s it. A bandaged, bloody hand.

I’ve used this at two Halloween parties so far and I honestly thought that when people saw it, they’d recognize it for a fake wound and say something along the lines of, “So what’s your costume supposed to be?”

Instead, five times now (and counting) I’ve had people come over to me very concerned and ask “My god, what happened to your hand?”

To which I reply, “I don’t know. There was this guy outside my house. I think he was drunk so I went outside to help him and he wasn’t making any sense. And then HE BIT ME!”

And every time, the response has been a shocked, “Are you serious?!”*

And then I’m like, “No. It’s my Halloween costume. I’m the guy who doesn’t know he’s about to turn into a zombie.”

Best. Costume. Ever.

* My wife’s line at this point is supposed to be, “What do you think? Should we shoot him?”