I’ve been enjoying Spike Friedman’s silly-yet-insightful coverage of the Seahawks in The Stranger this season (he calls it “The Insufferable Journey to Rewinnining the Super Bowl”). His preview of today’s game is especially fine:

Spoiler alert: I’m picking the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. I’m about to tell you why, and it’s going to take, like, 2,000 words. (I hope you read them, even though I’m sure the game itself will reveal me to be an idiot anyway.) But before we get to why I’m picking the Seahawks, let me just say, this wasn’t an easy pick.

It wasn’t easy to pick the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots on Sunday.


Really, really, it wasn’t. I’m scared.

Now, as we stand at the end of The Insufferable Journey to Rewinnining the Super Bowl, picking one more Seahawks win is the hardest thing I’ve had to do. Part of being insufferable is being humble and honest. And I am nothing if not supremely honest. And honestly? The Patriots are scary. Also, this is a little more footbally than other posts have been, but it’s the Super Bowl and I’ve been watching game tape, and I think we’re all ready for this.

Once the game gets going you can follow Friedman here. His live-Slog of the last game was a hoot. I’m excited to see how what magical things he writes today.

And of course, feel free to toss your football -related opinions into the comments below. How about Weston Dressler?