Last night, I related a bit from this Leader-Post story to a few people. Now that I’ve reread the end of the article, I find that I was exaggerating.

I don’t want people to think that a lot of parts of the Craven Country Jamboree are a complete orgiastic bacchanal, worthy of their own Twitter hashtag. Just some of them are, mostly the people who have gone more for the “jamboree” part than the country.

The bit that I was exaggerating for some comedic effect:

Festival goers Lindsay Berger, Shanda Lestley and Taylor Grusie have a list.

It includes 30 things that the girls from Saskatoon want to accomplish at the Craven Country Jamboree.

“It consists of drinking tasks and sexual tasks and random tasks,” Berger said, with a laugh.

I read this on my phone before supper and, later on in the evening at the second last Hot Blood Bombers show and after a few beers, made it sound like a sorority initiation. The kind that the Smoking Gun or Gawker would cover and that would make you slap your forehead.

My bad. Mostly, I think the words “sexual tasks” just really stuck in my head. This part of Craven is often more like the sorority initiation that, while a little debauched, the Smoking Gun wouldn’t really bother with.