From today’s Leader-Post, in a column called “Harper Should Toast Trost”:

Far more damning – downright disturbing, actually – is his further suggestion that the Prime Minister’s Office only listens to Conservative MPs when they take an aggressive stance on abortion. “We will apply this lesson,” he ominously warned. It’s not a threat that’s going to leave Harper shaking in his boots. There have been all-too-many times in Trost’s less-than-illustrious political career where he has appeared to be one tiny car and a big, red, rubber nose away from a new line of work.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Also, Tweedle Dumber has finally chimed in, sticking up for his anti-abortion pal. From CBC:

Another Saskatchewan MP is calling for the government to cut funding to the International Planned Parenthood Federation, accusing them of being deceitful and conning the Conservative government. Maurice Vellacott, a Conservative MP from Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, alleges in a strongly worded press release that the international women’s health organization will be using Canadian aid money to perform abortions. The Canadian funding is for projects in countries where abortion is tightly restricted. The projects approved are sex education and contraception programs. The press release says Vellacott is commenting on “IPPF’s deceitful language on abortion to con the Canadian government for taxpayer dollars.” “The IPPF is trying to dupe us into believing that because Canadian taxpayer dollars are going to countries where abortion is supposedly illegal, the money won’t be spent on abortions,” he says in the statement.

I think Canadian politics needs fewer bible-thumpers and more brain-thinkers.