I might not be the best person to give an appreciation of the Muppets recent appearance on Monday Night Raw — maybe Dan MacRae can sound off on what Beaker being related to Sheamus might mean for the WWE Universe — but I’ve got a few quick observations nonetheless.

WWE FANS ARE ALL ABOUT THE MUPPETS At least the ones on camera. But even if there were some haters in the crowd, they were outweighed by the delight some of the bearded wrestling fans had seeing Kermit and Miss Piggy. And that delighted me.

DR. BUNSEN HONEYDEW IS MAKING AN ENERGY DRINK For real, if they started bringing this out, that would be wonderful. Anything would be better, really, than the incredibly embarrassing cans Monster of Full Throttle come in. Although the conceit of a Honeydew creation that actually works as it should is a little off.

IT FEELS AT LEAST A BIT LIKE THE MUPPET SHOW Make no mistake, it’s still clearly Raw in tone and, well, they’re wrestling and stuff, but seeing the Muppets play off real people and having to accommodate them felt a lot like the classic Muppet Show.

THEY’RE MISSING SOME MUPPETS Namely, Granny the Gouger and Sam the Eagle. The latter would have plenty of moral outrage to throw around at event filled with such colourful characters.