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March is looking like a quiet month for movies. There isn’t much getting a wide release and with the coronavirus COVID-19 picking up steam, theatres might start finding their audiences staying home. I mean, they just bumped the next James Bond movie to November because of it, and if COVID-19 can take out Her Majesty’s greatest secret agent, well, I guess it’s kind of serious. /Shane Hnetka


March 13

BLOODSHOT A superhero movie that’s not based on a Marvel or DC property?  A character 99.9 per cent of people have never heard of? All right then. Valiant comics jumps into the movie business with this flick about a murdered soldier (Vin Diesel) resurrected with nanotechnology who discovers there’s more to his situation than first appeared (like being raised from the dead by microscopic robots isn’t dramatic enough for one story). Valiant hopes this will be the start of a series and a superhero “shared universe”. Bless their optimistic little hearts.

THE HUNT This was delayed from release last year after another mass shooting in the United States led to their, um, “President” singling out this film as culpable. That’s right, blame Hollywood for gun violence. Anyway, it’s finally getting released and still looks very entertaining — kind of a modern update of the 1932 pre-code classic The Most Dangerous Game (based on Richard Connell’s 1924 Collier’s short story “The Hounds of Zaroff”).

MY SPY Dave Baustista stars as an undercover agent who ends up looking after a nine-year-old. Comedy, or something aspiring to it, ensues.

I STILL BELIEVE This faith-based true story about some Christian singer and his problems may or may not open in Regina.

Friday 20

A QUIET PLACE PART II Sequel to the very entertaining 2018 horror movie about a family fighting to survive in a world where sightless creatures hunt humans by sound. Not sure this will be — or could be — as good as the first, but it looks pretty entertaining.

Friday 27

MULAN Disney’s latest live-action adaptation of one of their animated movies. This one makes several changes, including ditching the talking dragon and cricket and changing the love interest.

Cineplex Flashback Film Festival

FLASH GORDON  This cheesy 1980 update of Alex Raymond’s classic comic strip character had the poor fortune to be released in an era when blockbusters weren’t satires, parodies, homages or tributes — they were unironic adventures like Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Escape From New York and Close Encounters. While jokes and the occasional “wink” at the camera were allowed, these stories took themselves seriously, more or less. Campy? Forget it.

Four decades later, it’s a good time to take another look at a goofy, anachronistic movie with a great soundtrack (Queen!) that stars the late, great Max Von Sydow as a space emperor/thinly veiled racist caricature battling an all-American football star on the planet Mongo. You’ve got something better planned? (Cineplex, March 20–23.)

RPL Film Theatre

Thursday 12

6:30 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Brilliant 2008 Swedish horror movie about a child vampire befriending a young boy.

Friday 13

6:30 A HIDDEN LIFE Legendary director Terrence Malick creates this acclaimed film about an Austrian who refuses to fight for the Nazis during WWII. Stunning cinematography and grim consequences ensue.

Saturday 14

3:30 FAMILY MATINEE: THE RELUCTANT DRAGON This animated Disney anthology features a story about a dragon who would rather drink tea and recite poetry than fight knights.


Sunday 15


Wednesday 18

6:30 REGENERATION Soldiers explore trauma and find healing after being sent to an asylum during the Great War. Based on an award-winning trilogy of novels by English author Patricia Barker.

Thursday 19

6:30 INDEPENDENT VISIONS: SO SHINES A GOOD DEED IN A WEARY WORLD (DUNKINDONUTS.COM) Director and artist Cory Arcangel guides you on a tour of the Dunkin Donuts website.

Friday 20

6:30 1917 Shot to look like it was done in one take, Sam Mendes’ film follows two soldiers in the First World War racing to deliver orders to a regiment that’s marching towards annihilation.

8:30 A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Tom Hanks stars as Mr. Fred Rogers in this biopic about a reporter interviewing the PBS children’s show legend.

Saturday 21


8:30 1917

Sunday 22

6:30 1917


Wednesday 25

6:30 LAST STOP AT THE OASIS This documentary looks at the world’s water crisis.

Thursday 26

6:30 I’M GONNA PLAY LOUD: GIRLS ROCK REGINA AND THE RIPPLE EFFECT A documentary about Regina’s Girls Rock camps.

Friday 27

6:30 CATVIDEOFEST A compilation of cat videos from around the world. Don’t tell me you’re not thinking about going.

8:30 THE CAT RESCUERS A documentary about four people who find homes for cats.

Saturday 28

3:30 THE SECRET OF NIMH This 1982 Don Bluth animated movie based on a book by Robert C. O’Brien follows a widowed young mouse, Mrs. Brisby, trying to save her family with help from a secret society of rats. For a period in the 1980s, Bluth was “out-Disneying Disney” and he probably doesn’t get enough credit for the success of later movies like The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty And The Beast (1991) and The Lion King (1994).

6:30 THE SONG OF NAMES An Englishman travels Europe looking for his childhood friend who disappeared when they were young.

8:30 JOJO RABBIT Director Taika Waititi made this Oscar-nominated movie about a young boy living in Germany during the last days of the Second World War with his mom, his imaginary friend Hitler and a dangerous secret. An excellent and warm picture that deftly juggles humour and tragedy without being heavy-handed.

Sunday 29



Tuesday 31

6:30 TALKIES: DOUBLE DRAGON Another bad video game adaptation. Get it, Jayden Pfeifer, Get it good. For all of us.

Thursday 2

6:30 DAYS OF GLORY Four men join the French army during WWII in this 2006 film presented by U of R history prof Ian Germani.

Kramer IMAX

DREAM BIG: ENGINEERING OUR WORLD Explore the world of engineering by watching this documentary. Therrre’s popcorn!

GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST A documentary about British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest and the logging industry’s impact on it.

INTO NATURE’S WILD this doc looks at North America’s parks. Hey, did you hear Alberta’s Conservative government is privatizing provincial park services? It’s really crappy news, though perhaps not hugely relevant to a blurb for this fine-looking documentary that celebrates great achievements in conservation and the public interest.

SUPERPOWER DOGS A documentary that looks at dogs and the awesome jobs they do.