Mother Of God, Rosie’s Supposed To Do Another Top Six? How Can He When His Subject Matter Isn’t As Interesting As Anything Paul Or James Writes About?

1 OH NO! WE SUCK AGAIN! Well, it is the first preseason game, but the sight of not just B.C.’s first-stringers manhandling the Riders’ first-stringers, but B.C.’s backups outplaying the Rider backups, should be cause for concern.

2 IT’S BECAUSE STEPHEN HARPER SAYS SO. THAT’S WHY That radical organization called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development says Canada may be suffering from ‘Dutch disease.’ But somebody not named Stephen Harper said it, so every newspaper and mainstream media outlet still has to report that Thomas Mulcair must be burned at the stake for being a witch.

3 UH, MIKE, HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AT CITY HALL? Michael Fougere’s mayoralty platform is here. Tumbleweeds and all. It must be taking his brain trust that long to try to convince people that a new football stadium is the answer to all Regina’s problems.

4 BILL C-38 VOTE GOES ON AND ON AND ON You can’t say Stephen Harper’s secret agenda is all that secret any more.

5 REGINA REGIONAL OPPORTUNITES COMMISSION SAYS THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM ‘EVERYBODY’ And when people want to talk about preserving the library system, or getting more bike paths or make Regina not such a boring place to be, my bet is that they’ll put their hands over their ears and yell, ‘la-la-la-la-la, can’t hear you.’

6 ANYONE READING ABOUT CANADIAN SOCCER? ANYONE? ANYONE? BUELER … Euro 2012 limps on. The soccer’s been wonderful, the fans, not so much (Think of it. UEFA issued more punishment to Russia for rioting soccer fans than the UN has for Russia’s support of the Syrian regime.) But Canada is also involved in the slow, meandering process to qualify for the next World Cup, to be held in Brazil in 2014. Yeah, it’s early. But we’re doing better at this stage now than we did during the last qualifying round, which isn’t saying much.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Bob Mould has signed with Merge Records and has a new album out in September. As well, his Sugar back catalogue is also getting reissued. And if you’re not as excited about this as I am, you’re either not of my generation of (if you are) you have an incompatible musical taste with me. Here’s what I’m talking about: Bob Mould live at the Mod Club in Toronto in 2008 with The Act We Act.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

29 thoughts on “Mother Of God, Rosie’s Supposed To Do Another Top Six? How Can He When His Subject Matter Isn’t As Interesting As Anything Paul Or James Writes About?”

  1. Please folks I’m begging ya, I’m pleading, weigh in on these important questions:

    Should Regina mayoral hopeful Michael Fougere be permitted to remain President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association as a Regina Councillor? What about if he were mayor?

    Has this had an effect on affordable housing decisions and development initiatives in Regina? Have your say! #YQRvotes

    Also, as a side note: Where is Michael Fougere’s platform? (twitter has been most entertaining on this topic under the hashtag #TheFougerePlan


  2. If Mike Fougere can’t change your mind then no one will.

    Seriously though, I’ve noticed people on twitter mocking Fougere for not releasing his platform. Maybe it’s just me but there’s still two and a half months until candidates can even submit papers and three and a half months until the campaign itself actually starts. Why the expectation for candidates to blow their load early on in the process? Just because a few of the first-time candidates (and Elliott) are putting planks out there doesn’t mean they HAVE to. Or that they should. For a guy in his position he probably has more to gain by waiting until it’s at least closer to the campaign itself before he starts ramping things up.

  3. True enough Pat, but Mike has been on council a long time and is close to Pat Fiacco. We pretty much know what he’s going to do: it’s what he’s already done. So, it’s funny to see him try to devise a way to sell Reginans the same old same old and yet offer himself as a fresh new face.

  4. Pat.
    Although I agree with your post, how hard could it be to cobble together a few general talking points for a seasoned councillor? Besides his own website has been promising that “[He’ll]I’ll be announcing [his] my platform soon,” for some time now. Is that what we can expect for all is election promises should he ever choose to release a platform?

    And as you point out, it may have been to his advantage to wait at one time, but if things on twitter continue like today, his platform will be largely written and defined by the twitterverse and beyond! Perhaps not so astute a decision after all???

    I don’t know, back to my original questions!


  5. Even if his platform is portrayed a certain way on Twitter, would that have any real effect on voting? Twitter seems powerful/influential when using it, but remember in a place like Regina it exists within a very small bubble. The race is Fougere’s to lose (ex. controversy needed), and when he releases his platform, bland as it may be, it will not point enough voters in other directions.

    Also, with 7 candidates, and counting, there will be a considerable amount of vote-splitting amongst the alternatives, which will only help Fougere.

  6. Perhaps Bronymous, perhaps…
    But I can’t help but wonder what Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi would say!

    just a thought.
    Now how about my original question ; )

  7. So, if “we pretty much know what he’s going to do”, why all the fuss about the not-yet-announced platform?
    Just asking.

  8. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be very easy for him to put something up there. But given his level of experience and the perception around him (as evidenced on Twitter today) he seems to be taking the time to put something comprehensive together.

    Don’t know if it’s the right thing to do but candidates will do what candidates will do.

  9. To answer Pat’s question I’d say because this is a democratic process. This is Fougere’s election to lose, why? Is it because of his outstanding record as a councilor or because Pat Fiacco endorsed him? He seems to think he’s on some sort of different, insiders playing field where he doesn’t have to discuss his plan and just sit quiet until the near the end when he’ll throw a big platform celebration, which will be all our sound-byte media and amnesia-prone public will remember. Then we’ll have just another groomed monkey calling the shots at a time when all the mistakes a city can make during a boom are being made and more and more people are being left without a home in the dark. Just ask the City of Calgary what happened during their boom and bust years. Is the fact that Fougere is the president of the Saskatchewan Construction Association not a conflict of interest as a city councilor and Mayoral hopeful?

  10. It’s his to lose because the perception is that he will continue in Pat’s footsteps, he has experience, an established background, etc. He’s the safe candidate. And biding his time, carefully crafting his platform and message after others have blown their loa…err, stated their intentions, is a good move to continue this perception.

  11. Thanks for clarifying, Jeff.
    There’s a lot of animosity towards Mr. Fougere being expressed here, and it’s hiding (not so successfully) under the mask of “concern for democracy”. He’s apparently disliked because he’s an incumbent; he’s been endorsed by the current mayor (which, if you think about it, might be a rather mixed blessing); and because of his professional connections, which some commentors here and elsewhere insist on calling a conflict of interest. You’re vexed that he hasn’t yet put forth his platform, but you know what it’ll be already, so you’re vexed about that. This has nothing to do with “concern for democracy” and everything to do with pique…and maybe a bit of disappointment in the field of candidates so far running against him.

    As to what His Worship Mayor Nenshi would say, I suspect that it would be “Calgary is my concern and focus, and I leave Regina’s affairs to Reginans.”

  12. Nenshi utilizing a strong social media approach in his Calgary campaign is a different matter compared to Regina citizens criticizing Fougere on Twitter.

  13. I’m not vexed here. I’m calmly choosing my words, but I would seriously ask one to reconsider whether or not having Mayor after Mayor come through the office without any real debate/discussion between the citizens – just people being elected on name recognition alone – is actually democratic? Seriously, when was the last time Regina had a lively Mayoral election? The old boys club and the media that props it up has had control of power and been able to win elections as if by acclamation now for 12+ years. All I ask for is discussion of the real issues that our city confronts from all the candidates so that the citizenry can make an informed decision. So if what I ask for is simply me “piquing under the guise of democracy” then what kind of democratic process are you promoting?

  14. Jeff,

    As Pat pointed out in the first post, the campaign doesn’t official start for another three months. I completely agree with you on the need for candidates to offer ideas and to debate their plans for the city. In order for that to happen though, shouldn’t the candidates take some time to ensure their policies and arguments are well thought out?

    I haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet and am waiting for all candidates to put out their platforms before deciding. I’d much rather wait for a few months and review a well thought out platform that clearly explains a candidate’s plans for the city, and why he or she feels this is the best course of action. I’m not sure that will be the case when Michael Fougere eventually releases his platform, but i’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until the campaign begins.

    You’d mentioned the need for discussion of the issues in order for the citizenry to make informed decisions. I agree with you, but am much more concerned about a citizenry who makes decisions base on a 140 character messages. None of the issues we’re facing as a city can be properly considered in that format.

  15. Good grief, Jeff, were you not in town for the 2006 election? That was plenty lively, as anyone who was around will attest. There was a lot of debate, and every civic issue of the day was discussed, not only in the mayoral campaign, but also in the council races. There’s no reason to think that there won’t be a public debate this time, just as there was in 2006. There are months to go before the election, and ample time for the public to educate itself and make a decision.
    Your final statement, in light of the above, is incomprehensible.
    And if you’re going to quote me, please do so accurately.

  16. “pique/pēk/
    A feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, esp. to one’s pride.
    Stimulate (interest or curiosity).
    noun. resentment – umbrage
    verb. offend – excite”

    Barb: I’m not certain to whom you are referring, but I can safely I am not “piqued”, unless you are referring to my interest or curiosity being stimulated, in which case I am certainly curious to see Mr. Fougere’s platform.

    I take no umbrage with any of the candidates, but do hold a great deal of concern for those being marginalised or further marginalised by a nearly impossible rental market that is further exacerbated by City Council’s past (and upcoming) decisions. So, for me it is important to see where the candidates fall in regard to affordable housing, homelessness, and infrastructure.

    I suppose I am vexed by many of the decisions and development initiatives our City Council has adopted here Regina at what looks to me to be the expense of our less fortunate and to the benefit of developers and our most fortunate.

    Bronymous 2:10pm Good point. I agree with your distinction.

    At any rate, hopefully it will be an exciting turnout with many participating in the electoral process.

    wishing you all well,

  17. #15: well said, Dave.
    Professor Spooner, with all due respect, you might work on not sounding quite so condescending.

  18. Barb. It was not my intent to sound condescending. My apologies.


  19. I too haven’t yet included a section on my website called “Platform”, although in my blog’s posts I have narrowed the areas of it that I think are the most important topics of discussion to:

    -infrastructure (streets and housing)
    -city services (parks, policing, and transit)
    -open government (make public data quickly/easily available for programmers to create useful apps and analysis)

    As the months wear on, there will be time to fill in the platform, it doesn’t all have to come out at one media event to much fanfare. If there are specific questions, and the answers aren’t on a website, there is still the old-fashioned method: ask. There’s the telephone, email, and in theory candidates of all sorts can even be found in public at times.

  20. Am i the only one concened about the fact that Bueller has two Ls in it?

  21. Barb, with all due respect, there are times I am honestly confused as to where you perceive condescension. I hope you do not take that as a slight, but out of all the regular and semi-regular commentators I think Mr. Spooner has been the among the least condescending.

  22. Regina needs many things. One of which is a new stadium. My tax dollars support many things I use and many things I don’t use. I don’t complain that those things I don’t use shouldn’t be funded. I don’t complain that we should stop spending money on a library system I don’t use. I support libraries because they are good for our community. Just because some people don’t enjoy sports doesn’t mean that we don’t need a modern facility. Mosaic Stadium is an embarrassment, an eyesore and very likely, a fire hazard. Ever tried to run for cover in a hail storm? You can’t get out of the stands! Any candidate that is ready to replace the stadium has a shot at getting my vote.

  23. Hi Barb, sorry for misquoting you. I guess I got lazy. I do remember the 2006 election and I remember Jim and the CCFR did an amazing job at bringing out the issues so that concerned people like you, myself and the others in this thread could discuss and feel like we were on the verge of change. If I remember correctly, however, Pat and his campaign team avoided many of the more controversial debates and forums, such as the one at the University where he would have been asked tough questions and only showed up to the forums of his supporters. Then, if I’m not mistaken, after an amazing campaign by Jim and the CCFR, the people of Regina went to the ballot box and almost unanimously made their X beside Mayor Fiacco’s name, who did not engage in any of the issues we were apparently discussing amongst ourselves. My question to you is how do we get the average person in Regina to care so Mr. Fougere will care enough to explain his position and discuss some of our concerns rather then relying on the silent strategy? Yes, we all had a good ol’ time discussing issues amongst ourselves in 2006, but when it was all said and done, it amounted to one big fart in the wind because Pat knew he didn’t have to do anything except run the course to win.

    Now I don’t feel I should have to say please don’t take what I am saying personally, but I’m going to. Please don’t take what I’m saying personally. That goes for everyone. We’re just discussing things that we don’t necessarily agree on, but that doesn’t mean we have to fight. Most of the problem lies in the medium we are using and its lack of non-verbal cues and gestures.

  24. # 1 he’s also on the board of Enterprise(really), Saskatchewan..
    Whatever the f that is.

    #2 I understand that an official time-frame for a civic election is necessary, but if Someone jumps into the “race” X many months before the election, sure get yer points out now, before it all becomes jumbled diatribe on the local tv
    / radio news.

    #24 You’re right.
    The stadium has to be at least 40,000.
    then mabye I / You , can go see a game.
    At 33,000 that’s just building a building for the season ticket holders. & it das to be soccer friendly too.

    Hi Barb.
    Have you visited ” the Oatmeal” yet?

  25. #20: accepted, sir.
    #21: well put, John.
    #25: thanks again for clarifying, Jeff. I am fully aware of the problems this medium poses in terms of tone and nuance; what I object to is faulty logic
    and ahistorical statements.
    The vote for Mr. Fiacco in 2006 was not what I would call “almost unanimous”, and if memory serves, a number of policy proposals made by the CCFR in the course of the election campaign were taken up by the newly elected City Council, so your characterisation of the campaign discussions as a “fart in the wind” is an insult to Jim Holmes and all the CCFR candidates, and others, who put themselves out there to effect change. Just because that election didn’t go the way you might have wished, doesn’t mean that it was a waste of time and effort. You equate Mr. Fiacco’s win with lack of caring/education on the part of the electorate, whereas it just could be that a significant number of voters might have viewed the CCFR as a coalition of labour and community groups formed at least in part to punish the Mayor and Council for the way contract negotiations with city workers’ unions went, and might have chosen not to play that game.(The CCFR should have distanced itself from explicit revenge statements made by some of its members.) You continue to ignore such statements as Mr. Klein’s above, which explain why it isn’t a mortal sin that candidates, himself included, haven’t put out comprehensive platforms yet. Above all, you fall prey to conspiracy theory: that the “old boys” and the media club together to defeat the aspirations of ordinary citizens. I guess that that’s easier to believe than the alternative.
    #26: no, Ron; this keeps me busy enough.

  26. I think we’re all missing the big picture. Regina needs monster trucks and hot rods, and more of them. Lots more. Let’s stay focused!

  27. Good Afternoon Barb! I just wanted to say that you are certainly right with respect to many of the details that I tend to gloss over, at times. You might even be right with regards the whole discussion. I’m not going to mislead anyone and suggest that I don’t have an agenda. I have noted, like many others as well, that this is Mr. Fougere’s election to lose and it’s my hopes to level the playing field by smoking him out of his cave of silence. No, I didn’t say I want to “smoke out the evil doers” as I don’t see the world that way. But I do see that not all ideas work equally well given a certain set of conditions and it is my belief that given the conditions we are living in these days, that the status quo, self-interested politics of the day aren’t working as well as they perhaps once did. It’s time for a change and that is what I’d like to see. If it doesn’t come through organized politics, as I have my doubts that it will, it will come through absolute necessity due to imbalance. I’m sure it is clear to everyone that I believe we are living in a state of extreme imbalance – again, I’m not labeling this state of imbalance as evil. In fact, I believe it’s quite natural.

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