I’m surprised Dechene hasn’t posted on this, considering his wife’s a mathematician.

Pi Day is celebrated annually by the mathematically inclined on March 14. That’s because numerically, that date reads as 3/14, which represents the first three digits of the geometric constant pi.

Once a century, though, pi day is extra special. And that day will arrive soon — in 2015, to be precise. That’s because the next two digits of pi after 3.14 are 15.

Exciting, eh? And we’re still not done. Because when the clock strikes  9:26 (international standard time) on that day the next three digits of pi will be also be represented.

Get into tenths, hundredths and thousandths of seconds and you could up the ante even more. I’m not that nerdy. But other people definitely are.

Of course, the absolute Mother of All Pi Days, as the above link notes, has already disappeared into the sands of time. That occured on March 14, 1592 when the first seven digits of pi were all represented in the month/day/year notation.