11 thoughts on “Morning Video #1: Let Us Now Reflect On Delusional U.S. Gun Advocates”

  1. Ugh, not sure whats more loathsome, Larry Pratt’s answers or Piers Morgan himself.

    It’s a pretty common argument from pro-gun advocates in the states. “The only thing that will stop gun violence is more guns in the hands of the good guys”.

    The reality in the USA though is that even if new gun control laws were implemented tomorrow that banned the creation/sale of new firearms, there would still be 270 million guns in the country.

  2. Larry Pratt is much worse than Piers Morgan. I mostly agree that Morgan is unhelpfully aggressive. I’m more of a Anderson Cooper kinda guy: firmly rebut incorrect statements, but let the idiots talk. But it was nice to hear a stupid man called a stupid man.

    Dave, you might love the level of discourse on this issue on kottke.org. Check it out.

  3. I think this chart speaks for itself:

    There is a clear correlation between the use of gun control laws and a reduction in the firearm homicide rate. Insterestingly enough, there is also a continued reduction in firearm homicides from the point at which the long gun registry was last actively managed by the federal government (2006).

    Then again, there is an equally strong argument that other factors lead to a reduced homicide rate – notably the share of the population that is male between the ages of 18-35.

    In any event – gun control doesn’t create more violence – as this idiot Pratt suggests.

  4. The grain of truth in a Pratt-type argument: an increase in daily-carry guns would increase the chance of reducing the body count in particular instances of a mass shooting.

    A short list of things that would almost certainly be increased by an increase in daily-carry guns: accidental shootings, road-rage shootings, drunken-conflict shootings, domestic shootings, gun-related suicides, disproportionate-response “self-defense” shootings, innocent-bystander shootings, police-victim shootings, random shootings, revenge shootings, mass-shooting attempts.

    Some stats: Number of gun-related deaths in the US (2010) = 31,672
    Number of mass-killing deaths in the US (2006-2012) = ~296 in 37 incidents
    Increase in gun-related deaths per year required to offset the complete elimination of mass killings: ~296/7 = ~42
    Percent this works out to: ~42/31,672 = ~0.13%

    So, even if mass-killings were eliminated completely by reduction of gun control, it would only take a resulting 0.13% increase in all other types of gun deaths to offset the gains.

  5. #3 Thanks for the link. I’m movin’ to P.E.I.
    ps.. cool name, I’ve seen the movie 6-7 times and read the book a long time ago. It was mandatory read / book report,( written in ink, at least 2 pages ),grade 9 or 10?

    #2 & #5 yer both gonna hate me.

    #1 I agree with your Piers comment.

    Overtalking your,”guest”, especially right after asking him/her a question.

    It’s really obnoxious to overtalk while during a rebuttle/ conversation, just ask Johnny G.
    He’s the king of stepping on top of his callers/guests.

    ( the bickering eats up minutes of air-time ,so not many real questions get answered ).
    Remember the advertising & the weather reports… they have a priority too.

    They both made valid statements, but Mr.Pratt, gave better valid answers.

    My HS friend did his gr 11 in St. Louis MI., and they had METAL DETECTORS in his HS ! Back Then !!

  6. “They both made valid statements, but Mr.Pratt, gave better valid answers.”

    Oh, Ron.

  7. Mr. Pratt is right.

    Remember that the original tea party started the republican movement.

    Unfortunately that the re-pubs don’t really follow party principles.

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