Demolition of the buildings on the north-west corner of Hamilton and 12th is scheduled to begin tomorrow to make way for the third Hill Tower that was announced with much fanfare last month. Above is a map issued by the city to indicate how traffic flow is being altered. Not sure how the U-turns on 19 block Scarth and in the alley between 18 block Scarth and Hamilton will be facilitated. I guess motorists are just going to have to suck it up and make the best of it. Ideally, I suppose, all the stuff that’s going on downtown could’ve been staggered a bit to minimize disruption. But┬ámaybe it’s better to bite the bullet now and get everything done at once.

In a related development that seems like good news for both the downtown and Regina’s tight rental market, I was out for a walk this afternoon, and noticed a sign posted in a vacant lot on the south-west corner of Broad and 15th Ave stating that an application had been made to the city to rezone the land for a high-rise apartment building with mixed use on the ground floor. We’ll doubtlessly have more on this project in the near future.