Your new stadium… it starts “here”. With this video.

After the jump, audio from this morning’s big stadium design unveiling. Also, pics. And infographics.

Are you ready to see the new stadium design? It’s going to be absolutely fantastic and it’s going to knock you out of your seat.
— Mayor Michael Fougere, May 22, 2014

The stadium designs were revealed this morning at an event in the Evraz Eventplex that attracted hundreds of dignitaries and stakeholders. In the crowd were the provincial minister of parks culture and sport, Kevin Doherty; the provincial minister of the environment, Ken Cheveldayoff; MLA Gene Makowsky; MLA Russ Marchuk; and, MP Tom Lukiwski.

Also spotted in the crowd, the man who kicked off all this stadium hullaballoo, former mayor Pat Fiacco.

The event was emceed by executive lead on the project, Brent Sjoberg, and here are the opening comments from current mayor, Michael Fougere…

Later, Mayor Fougere pulled the curtain off the stadium designs and gave the audience their first official look. This is what that sounds like…

Finally, here’s another photo of the new stadium that maybe you haven’t seen yet.

Stadium aerial viewClick to embiggen. This is a hi-resolution image of the stadium design so you can bask in all its majesty.

I have more stuff that I can post and will try to get it up later.