It seems that a link has now firmly been established between Pierre Poutine, the individual who contracted with RackNine to make false and fraudulent calls to voters prior to last May’s federal election, and the Conservative campaign office in the Guelph riding.

You pretty much have to have a Master’s Degree in Machiavellian Politics to tie it all together, what with all the proxy servers, PayPal accounts and burner cell phones that are involved, but the bottom line is that Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews has traced the account used to pay for the robocalls to the same IP address as a computer used by the Conservative deputy campaign manager in the riding Andrew Prescott.

Prescott has denied involvement in the scandal, and there’s no firm evidence that he actually logged into the IP address in that instance, but on April 30 he did download a list of voter phone numbers from the Conservatives’ data base. And Mathews has gathered testimony from campaign workers about discussions that were held in the “war room” about waging a disinformation campaign to confuse and misdirect voters. 

Here’s a link to the CBC story. And here’s the National Post’s report.