More Prayer In The Legislature Stuff

The Centre For Inquiry Canada has started a national petition campaign calling on the Saskatchewan government to end the practice of opening each session of the legislature with a Christian prayer as has been done since 1905. The Centre is also calling on Premier Brad Wall specifically to cease issuing an official Christian-themed Christmas message in his capacity as premier of Saskatchewan.

Both the prayer, and the Christian-themed message, go against the grain of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in April 2015 that held that the state and its various agencies and representatives owe a duty of neutrality to all citizens in matters of religious belief or non-belief.

You can find out about the petition here.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “More Prayer In The Legislature Stuff”

  1. On the CFI website, it states that Saskatchewan wants a secular government. I think its more like, CFI wants a secular government. The fact that the Sask. Party won the last election by a landslide tells us the majority of Sask. residents could care less if there is Christian prayer in our government! It`s no wonder Mr. Wall is the most liked Premier in all of Canada, he stands up for what he believes in and that shows he has guts!

  2. I agree with The Incredible Shrinking Indy that it’s likely the majority of Saskatchewanians don’t care about the prayers. The majority ignore it, and if we didn’t have prayer and there was a petition to bring it in, I believe the majority of people would oppose it. It’s arguably still out of touch with an increasingly secular province where most people don’t go to church regularly and rarely if ever pray.

  3. You’ll note that the one Muslim MLA isn’t bothered, so why are those who don’t think there’s any point to prayer so determined to win this tiniest of battles? Look at the world around you, and see if there isn’t something better on which to spend time and energy.

  4. Why did the Supreme Court agree to hear arguments on the Saguenay case in the first place then and issue a unanimous ruling on the issue of state-sanctioned prayer in Canada if its the tiniest of battles?

  5. That would be “it’s”, Mr. Beatty, and you’re welcome. I guess you should be asking the Supreme Court that question, nicht?

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