There’s an application going to the Regina Planning Commission on Wednesday to demolish the back-end of the Royal Canadian Legion building on 18 block Cornwall (pictured at left) to construct another parking structure in downtown Regina. It would be partially below ground and would hold 54 vehicles.

The Legion building is a designated heritage property so the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee was consulted. The committee granted approval subject to a few conditions outlined in this report

At the same time as this is going on, the city is supposed to be conducting a transportation study on strategies that can be developed to get Reginans to think outside the “vehicular box” when it comes to accessing the downtown and generally moving their asses around town. I think it’s a well-established principle of urban planning that the more  you expand traffic capacity be it through expressways, interchanges, wider roads or more parking, the greater the amount of  vehicle traffic that will subsequently utilize the capacity. So every accommodation that’s made in that regard acts as a disincentive for motorists to consider transportation alternatives.

On the plus side for Legion members, like the Masons are currently doing with the parking lot south of their location on 19 block Lorne St across from Victoria Park, they now have a source of revenue to rehabilitate the portion of their building that will remain standing and otherwise keep their branch viable.