More Parking For Downtown Regina

There’s an application going to the Regina Planning Commission on Wednesday to demolish the back-end of the Royal Canadian Legion building on 18 block Cornwall (pictured at left) to construct another parking structure in downtown Regina. It would be partially below ground and would hold 54 vehicles.

The Legion building is a designated heritage property so the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee was consulted. The committee granted approval subject to a few conditions outlined in this report

At the same time as this is going on, the city is supposed to be conducting a transportation study on strategies that can be developed to get Reginans to think outside the “vehicular box” when it comes to accessing the downtown and generally moving their asses around town. I think it’s a well-established principle of urban planning that the more  you expand traffic capacity be it through expressways, interchanges, wider roads or more parking, the greater the amount of  vehicle traffic that will subsequently utilize the capacity. So every accommodation that’s made in that regard acts as a disincentive for motorists to consider transportation alternatives.

On the plus side for Legion members, like the Masons are currently doing with the parking lot south of their location on 19 block Lorne St across from Victoria Park, they now have a source of revenue to rehabilitate the portion of their building that will remain standing and otherwise keep their branch viable.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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16 thoughts on “More Parking For Downtown Regina”

  1. I think this is unfortunate. But, unlike the bullshit on Hamilton Street you reported on last week, at least the Legion is building a parking garage and it won’t be facing Cornwall Street. So on those two points it’s conforming with the Downtown Plan.

    The Hamilton surface lot — temporary or not — should have been laughed out of city hall.

  2. Every time I see a half block of prime downtown land as surface parking (Smith street, Victoria Ave to 13th Ave), I wonder if Regina has even had the conversation about car-pooling!? How can we understand “density, connectivity, and eyes on the street” when we have empty lots in the heart of downtown?

    When I see surface parking where the elegant Bay parkade (multi-level) used to be, I think that we have gone mad! We tore down multi-level parking to BECOME surface parking???!

    Regina is a small flat city, perfect for cycling. I cannot believe that it is so hard to paint some lines on some cross-town streets. What happened to the 15th Avenue cross-town plan? What about Elphinstone for a north-south corridor? Yes, we will lose some parking, but it will be for the greater public good!! Less congestion, more happiness!

    Hamilton Street as surface parking, when the building was allowed to be torn down during a housing crisis is an insult to us all. 43 apartments could NOT be saved because of $140,000?? To build one unit will cost more, we have been told!

    Have we lost all sense of reason and logic? aaaaaauuuuurgh!

  3. 7-9pm Tuesday, September 25th. 23rd ave. & Albert street, old Campion College school gym.

    Alder people & their new competitors for a Q & A session with YOU the voter at large.


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  6. In which building, Ron? Both the Legion and the Regina Christian School have at least some terrazzo flooring.

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