Groundwork Gets Laid

With CP gearing up to move its downtown multi-modal facility out to a greatly expanded site at the new Global Transportation Hub, it’s not much of a  surprise that the province announced today that it has conditionally agreed to purchase the land that CP will be vacating. Contamination would seem to be a legit concern.  So hopefully costs associated with that process are being factored into the final purchase price. It would seem that a few more ducks still have to be lined up before a firm commitment to the construction of a domed stadium on the site is made. Most everyone at prairie dog is lukewarm (to say the least) about the proposed dome, but regardless of what eventually happens, the land will have to be decontaminated anyway, and from an urban planning perspective we really like the idea of a big chunk of land between the Warehouse District and the Downtown being freed up.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. I say put an expressway where the tracks are, but hey, that’s too boring and practical for this town I guess.

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