Here’s a link to a CBC story about a competition called the Harvest Cup that’s going to be held in Saskatchewan this fall where farmers who are licensed by Health Canada to grow cannabis will compete to see who is producing the best crop.

It ties in nicely with the story I did in our April 19 issue about 4-20 and the growing calls from respected medical experts like Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer Moira McKinnon that cannabis should be decriminalized and regulated in our society.

Some items of note. When I interviewed Head2Head’s Tim Selenski he said that with our generally sunny skies and reasonably warm summers, Saskatchewan had virtually unlimited potential to grow cannabis.

Also, the benefits of the plant aren’t just limited to medical and recreational use. There’s literally hundreds of different industrial applications for the plant and its fibres.

Finally, as the CBC story notes, when a person is licensed by Health Canada to grow cannabis, they are limited to growing enough for themselves and two other licensed users. As Lundstrom notes, he could be growing for 500 people, providing a safe, affordable and quality product for people who are in medical distress. But he currently is legally prohibited from doing so, which pushes people to the black market and helps fuel criminal/gang activity.