Formed in Vancouver in 1992, Moist rocketed to prominence in the Canadian music industry with their debut album Silver in 1994. Grunge was huge then, and the band, which was fronted by David Usher, had a bit of a Pearl Jam vibe and fit right in with the tenor of the times.

I remember seeing them at a sold-out gig at the 600 seat Channel One on Broad St. (which ran for a couple of years after the owners left the Hamilton St. facility)  shortly after the album came out. Within a month or two, the band broke big in Europe and parts of Asia and was on their way.

By 2000 or so they’d gone on hiatus, with Usher pursuing a solo career. But the band, with a couple of new additions, is back together now, and in 2014 they released a new album called Glory Under Dangerous Skies. 

On Saturday July 11 Moist is playing a show at Casino Regina. Tickets are $30, $35. And here’s the video for one of the big singles off Silver called “Push”