Michael Kaeshammer

Born in Germany to parents with roots in Canada, Michael Kaeshammer, like millions of other kids, took piano lessons when he was growing up. Unlike the vast majority, though, he never gave up the instrument. Instead, he went on to build a career for himself as a professional musician with a special love for early 20th century boogie-woogie and stride style playing made famous by Fats Waller and other early jazz/blues pioneers.

On Saturday Feb. 20, Kaeshammer’s in town to play a show that’s being presented by the Regina Jazz Society. You can find out more details about the show, which is at Darke Hall at 8 p.m., on the RJS website.

To give you a taste of Kaeshammer’s talent, here’s video of him with a pile of support musicians and singers doing a tune called “Stop That Train” for a 2012 concert DVD:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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