Metro Goes Kaput

Media_MetroThe Toronto Star reports that the commuter newspaper Metro, which arrived in the Saskatchewan market with much fanfare in April 2012, will cease “printing operations” as of Friday.

Three papers are being trimmed from the cross-Canada chain. In addition to the Regina and Saskatoon newspapers, the London (ON) paper is also being sliced as the paper shifts its attention, in the words of Star Media Group President John Cruickshank, to “larger markets”.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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10 thoughts on “Metro Goes Kaput”

  1. According to CBC there will apparently be a “web version”, so most of the syndicated content that runs in other Canadian cities will be available there, along with a bit of local content.

  2. Well, that should cut down considerably on the litter in the streets and on the buses.

  3. Too, if you can see your way clear, PD, you might make them an offer for their vending boxes. Many of yours are getting very, very decrepit.

  4. The Toronto Star also killed off its excellent Toronto weekly The Grid. Big loss for Hogtown in the run up to a municipal election.

  5. This makes me kinda sad. I liked their coverage. And they always assigned good reporters to the city beat. They were frequently at city council and offered constructive questions during scrums.

  6. this news actually made it to an article in our French language newspaper Le Soleil today…. Glad P.D. Isn’t following suit.

  7. Doubt the Metro will sell any of their vendor boxes Barb.
    They’ll take then back to storage and reuse them elsewhere as needed.
    And if PD were to buy any of them, they’d have to spend extra $ just to change the colors and label. More costly than just to buy new themselves.
    They’ve already picked up their boxes in my neighborhood.

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