Metric W/ Death Cab For Cutie

With roots in the Toronto collective Broken Social Scene, Metric have been around since the late 1990s. Last September, they released their latest album Pagans In Vegas. Since then, they’ve been touring in Europe, the U.S. and Mexico.

Now, with spring in full swing, Metric are finally getting around to touring Canada. And on Monday March 28 they’ll be in town to play a show with the well-known Washington State based alt-rock band Death Cab For Cutie which is fronted by Ben Gibbard. The show’s billed as a co-headlining gig, and the recently formed duo Leisure Cruise (Leah Siegel and Dave Hodge) are also playing.

The show goes at Conexus Arts Centre, and the start time is listed as 6:45 p.m. on the CAC website. Here’s video of Metric performing the song “Black Sheep” off Pagans In Vegas

Author: Gregory Beatty

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One thought on “Metric W/ Death Cab For Cutie”

  1. At my most grumpy, and I am grumpy, suffering from/recovering from the flu 2.5 weeks now, I’d say Death Cab was the Prime Rib stuffed ‘tween two slices of cheese bread Monday night. Polished and professional, no doubt, but also still passionate, Death Cab rocked the house in a reasonable way. That synth power pop quartet, Leisure Cruise, was alright, but had me flashing back to summertime corporate events I never actually participated in – cuz I’ve never been employed by a large corp – in 2003. Or ahead of their time for 1991. Not sure what they are about.

    Metric, simply turned the volume to 14, and Emily Haines, less femme fatale now, more sort of mildly in your face angsty 40-something, had trouble carrying a tune. Louder and less cohesive than their excellent Agridome performance a few years back. And what was with the cape changes?

    All-in-all, kind of a weird night, with American band and oft-spitting front man Ben Gibbard definitely carrying the evening.

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