The adjacent photo was taken in the women’s washroom at the Lazy Owl at the University of Regina last night. Friday night, the Owl is typically humming so the potential audience for the ad was large. But it’s raised a few eyebrows on Facebook where accusations of misogyny have been levelled.

According to a response Regina mayoralty candidate Meka Okochi provided to a concerned commenter on his Facebook page, the image, which was part of larger video and projection campaign at the Owl that night, was intended to target first time female voters in the Oct. 24 municipal election.

No word yet on whether there was an equivalent ad in the men’s washroom targeting potential male voters who have reached the age of majority since the last muncipal election in 2009.

Here’s Meka’s reply to the Facebook commenter:

I want to start by apologizing concerning any offense this ad may have caused. It was not my intention or that of anyone on my campaign. The buck stops at my table, and I take full responsibility. This ad was targeted to first time voters, many of them University youths. That’s why it’s in the owl. I accept that the concept is edgy. But it was intended to stimulate debate, not offence. The ad simply shows a young lady voting behind a polling booth. What happens on the other side of the curtain is shown in the video with the same theme also showing as a projection ad at the owl. Again, my apologies for offending. It was not my intention. Kind regards, Meka