Got an invite on Facebook today to attend a meeting that’s being held at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre on Feb. 24 between 1-5 p.m. to review potential design options for a revamped Central Library. The invite came from the Friends of Regina Public Library, and included the following paragraph of background information: 

The RPL Board is currently developing a new design to be released at public consultations in March. It will likely contain many of the elements in the previously-released design -– minus the use of the Masonic Temple property. While the architectural reports seem to say it is possible, so far the Library Board does not seem to have any commitment to retaining the current modernist Central Library building. However, feedback that FRPL has received indicates that adaptive reuse is the preferred public option, so it is hoped that adaptive reuse will be one of the choices presented in March.

For more information on the Central Library redevelopment, here’s a link to a website that contains previously released studies and planning documents.