We don’t plan to cover the Saskatchewan Roughriders as extensively as the Leader-Post does, outside of the issue preceding the July 3 home opener against the Edmonton Eskimos that is, where every article we print will have a Rider tie-in from My Music to News Quirks to Science Matters to Citizen X.

It’s going to be spectacular, we promise.

Okay, that’s not actually true. But we did contact the Riders earlier this year about receiving media access and were successful, so we will have a bit more coverage of the team on the blog this season.

We haven’t worked out all the logistics yet, but each game we’ll have a writer sitting in the stands and participating in the post-game media scrums. Then they’ll post something on the game and its outcome on-line. I’ll do a pre-game post too, for home games anyway, and if any other contributors to this blog want to weigh in with posts of their own on the Riders and the CFL please feel free.

Our coverage begins with this Friday’s exhibition game at Mosaic Stadium (which, weirdly enough, also happens to be against the Eskimos).