The last time we blogged about Regina cartoonist and Prairie Dog illustrator, Dakota McFadzean, it was to note how he’d won a Schuster award for his comic Ghost Rabbit. And I didn’t mention it in that post, but back in August his work also appeared in the prestigious, Best American Comic anthology for 2012 alongside comic masters such as Charles Burns, Chris Ware and Jaime Hernandez.

Well, the accolades keep pouring in for him. Just found out his online daily strip, The Dailies, has been shortlisted for Slate magazine’s Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Web Comic of 2012. (That’s a sample of the strip above.)

Congratulations once again, Dakota. It’s well deserved. And if you haven’t checked out The Dailies, you really, really should.

UPDATE: Winston Rowntree, who does the also excellent webcomic Subnormality and also happens to be on the shortlist for the same Studio Prize, left a comment below to say congrats to Dakota. And then he mentioned that he is also from Regina. As Winston says, “that’s a tremendously strong showing for Regina-related comix people!” Seems the YQR is kicking all sorts of comic butt.